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Copyright: 2014
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Starting Out with Programming Logic and Design (Ebook)

By Tony Gaddis

Programmers typically use high-level languages to write programs. However, all professionalprogrammers will tell you that a program should be carefully designed before thecode is actually written. When programmers begin a new project, they never jump rightin and start writing code as the first step. They begin by creating a design of the program.After designing the program, the programmer begins writing code in a high-level language.Recall that each language has its own rules, known as syntax, that must befollowed when writing a program. A language’s syntax rules dictate things such as howkey words, operators, and punctuation characters can be used. A syntax error occurs ifthe programmer violates any of these rules.If the program contains a syntax error, or even a simple mistake such as a misspelledkey word, the compiler or interpreter will display an error message indicating whatthe error is. Virtually all code contains syntax errors when it is first written, so theprogrammer will typically spend some time correcting these. Once all of the syntaxerrors and simple typing mistakes have been corrected, the program can be compiledand translated into a machine language program (or executed by an interpreter,depending on the language being used).

1. Input, Processing, and Output
2. Modules
3. Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
4. Repetition Structures
5. Functions 6. Input Validation
7. Arrays 8. Sorting and Searching Arrays
9. Files
10. GUI Applications and Event-Driven Programming