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Big English 5 Teacher's eText with MyLab

By Mario Herrera / Christopher Sol Cruz

Descripción: • Clear and balanced development of language skills and CLIL lessons. • BIG ideas and Culture Connections challenge pupils to learn and think about the BIG wide world around them. • Assessment for Learning programme gives pupils clear guidance and the confidence to think BIG. Big English MyEnglish Lab Learning doesn’t stop once the bell rings and class is over! Pupils can continue to practice what they have learned in class with the interactive online activities in MyEnglishLab (MEL). Digital eText If your pupils really are 21st Century learners using digital devices at school such as computers or tablets then Big English provides you with the complete digital course. It´s fun for them and for you it’s easy to track and monitor what your pupils are doing at any time.

For Pupils •Pupil’s eText & MyEnglishLab

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