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Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (Ebook)

By Scott O. Lilienfeld

Our goal in this text, therefore, is to empower student readers of the twenty-first century to apply scientific thinking to the psychology of their everyday lives. By applying scientific thinking— thinking that helps protect us against our tendencies to make mistakes— we can better evaluate claims about both laboratory research and daily life. In the end, we hope that students will emerge with the “psychological smarts,” or open-minded skepticism, needed to distinguish psychological misinformation from psychological information. We’ll consistently urge students to keep an open mind to new claims, but to insist on evidence.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology: A Framework for everyday life
Chapter 2: Research Methods in Psychology: Safeguards Against Error
Chapter 3: Brain and Behavior: Bridging the Levels of Analysis
Chapter 4: Sensation, Perception, and Reality: How we Sense and Conceptualize the World
Chapter 5: States of Consciousness: Expanding the Boundaries of Psychological Inquiry
Chapter 6: Learning and Conditioning: How Nurture Changes Us
Chapter 7: Memory Processes: Constructing and Reconstructing Our Pasts
Chapter 8: Cognition: Thinking, Decision Making, and Language: Getting Inside Our Talking Heads
Chapter 9: Intelligence and Intelligence Testing controversy and consensus
Chapter 10: Human Development: Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood: How and why we change
Chapter 11: Emotion, Self-Esteem, and Motivation: What moves us
Chapter 12: Stress, Health, and Coping with Stress: The Mind–Body Interconnection
Chapter 13: Social Psychology and Social Behavior: How Others Affect Us
Chapter 14: Personality: Theories and Assessment: Who We Are
Chapter 15: Mental Disorders: When Adaptation Breaks Down
Chapter 16: Psychological and Biomedical Therapies: Helping People Change  
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Evaluating Claims Answer Key
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