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Introduction to Financial Accounting (Ebook)

By Horngren Sundem

Descripción: ACCOUNTING IS THE LANGUAGE OF business. It is the method companies use to communicatefinancial information to their employees and to the public. Until recently, the accounting language,like spoken languages, differed country to country. Today only two main accounting languageshave survived, one used in the United States and another used in Europe and most of the rest ofthe world. These are actually more like dialects of a single language because they are identical inmost respects and are gradually converging into a single language. In this text we focus on the U.S.perspectivebut discuss the significant differences between the languages when they arise.

1. Accounting: The Language of Business
2. Measuring Income to Assess Performance
3. Recording Transactions
4. Accrual Accounting and Financial Statements
5. Statement of Cash Flows
6. Accounting for Sales
7. Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold
8. Long-Lived Assets
9. Liabilities and Interest
10. Stockholders’ Equity