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ISBN: 9781292055640
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Copyright: 2014
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Introduction to Biotechnology (Ebook)

By Autor: William J. Thieman

Miracle cells? This tiny cluster on the tip of a pin is a human embryoapproximately three days after fertilization. Some scientists believe thatstem cells contained within embryos may have the potential for treatingand curing a range of diseases in humans through biotechnology. Use ofthese cells is also one of the most controversial topics in biotechnology.

1. The Biotechnology Century and Its Workforce
2. An Introduction to Genes and Genomes
3. Recombinant DNA Technology and Genomics
4. Proteins as Products
5. Microbial Biotechnology
6. Plant Biotechnology
7. Animal Biotechnology
8. DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic Analysis
9. Bioremediation
10. Aquatic Biotechnology
11. Medical Biotechnology
12. Ethics and Biotechnology