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Copyright: 2018
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International Trauma Life Support for Emergency Care Providers (Ebook)

By John E. Campbell, Roy L. Alson

Descripción: Trauma, the medical term for injury, has become the most expensive health problem in the United States and most other countries. In the United States, trauma is the fourthleading
cause of death for all ages and the leading cause of death for children and adults under the age of 45 years. Trauma causes 73% of all deaths in the 15- to 24-year-old age group. For every fatality, there are 10 more patients admitted to hospitals and hundreds more treated in emergency departments. The price of trauma, in both physical and fiscal resources, mandates that all emergency medical services (EMS) personnel learn more about this disease to treat its effects and decrease its incidence. Because the survival of trauma patients is often determined by how quickly they get definitive care in the operating room, it is crucial that you know how to assess and manage the critical trauma patient in the most efficient way. The purpose of the ITLS course is to teach you the most rapid and practical method to assess and manage critical trauma patients. The course is a combination of written chapters to give you the “why” and the “how” and practical exercises to practice your knowledge and skills on simulated patients so that at the end of the course you feel confident in your ability to provide rapid life-saving trauma care.

Chapter 1 Scene Size-up 17
Chapter 2 Trauma Assessment and Management 44
Chapter 3 Assessment Skills 66
Chapter 4 Airway Management 81
Chapter 5 Airway Skills 103
Chapter 6 Thoracic Trauma 140
Chapter 7 Thoracic Trauma Skills 161
Chapter 8 Shock 169
Chapter 9 Vascular Access Skills 193
Chapter 10 Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury 205
Chapter 11 Spinal Trauma and Patient-Centered Spinal Motion Restriction 224
Chapter 12 Spine Management Skills 251
Chapter 13 Abdominal Trauma 271
Chapter 14 Extremity Trauma 281
Chapter 15 Extremity Trauma Skills 305
Chapter 16 Burns 319
Chapter 17 Pediatric Trauma 341
Chapter 18 Geriatric Trauma 364
Chapter 19 Trauma in Pregnancy 375
Chapter 20 The Impaired Patient 386
Chapter 21 Trauma Arrest 395
Chapter 22 Standard Precautions and