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Bug Club is a fresh and modern take on traditional reading programs. It combines cutting-edge technology with rigorous pedagogy, along with cool characters that your children will love. With books and eBooks, it's the best of both worlds!




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There are so many exciting things about Bug Club, but one of the things teachers we’ve spoken to are most excited about is the online element: Bug Club is the first whole-school reading program to offer both print and eBooks – bringing reading resources fully into the 21st century.

In Bug Club, every book is also available electronically via an interactive, child-friendly website. Designed to motivate and inspire, the website is much more than a simple repository for eBooks.

it’s an online reading world, where children earn Bug points for completing interactive reading activities and then exchange these points for rewards such as decorating their own tree-house, or growing their own dragon.



Phonics Book Sample


Phonics Book Sample

  What are the advantages of Bug Club in today’s classroom?
  There are some significant changes taking place across education in the 21st century. Parents are more informed and want to be involved while students are surrounded and motivated by interactive, engaging learning experiences. Bug Club delivers a direct, instructional and measurable approach to learning within a framework that is interactive and stimulating.
Literacy has evolved.

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Characters students will love
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Bug Club uses a huge cast of exciting characters to really motivate kids to actually want to pick up a book and learn to read it.

Characters from television and trade books that children will recognise – such as Wallace and Gromit, Doctor Who and Sarah Jane, Angelina Ballerina, Harry and the Dinosaurs, Ben 10, and many more.


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