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Poptropica English Workbook & Audio CD Pack Level 5 (AmEd)



Autor(es): David Nunan series Advisor
ISBN: 9781292112480
Edición: 1
Copyright: 2015
Idioma: ENG
Serie: Primary
Dimensiones: 27.43/.76/21.34 Peso: 0.24 grs
Más información:
    Poptropica English is a six level primary English series that engages young learners like never before. The unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities, songs and games, creates a world of excitement and adventure that kids won’t want to leave. • Empowers students, putting them at the heart of the learning experience • Engages learners, sparking imaginations through captivating characters and online adventures • Evaluates student performance through into grated formative assessment • Elevates learning to a whole new level to get results