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Elementary Surveying (Ebook)



Autor(es): Charles D. Ghilani
ISBN: 9781292060675
Edición: 14
Copyright: 2016
Idioma: ENG
Serie: Ingeniería
Dimensiones: 0/0/0 Peso: 1 grs
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    This 14th Edition of Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics is a readable text that presents basic concepts and practical material in each of the areas fundamental to modern surveying (geomatics) practice. It is written primarily for students beginning their study of surveying (geomatics) at the college level. Although the book is introductory to the practice of surveying, its depth and breadth also make it ideal for self-study and preparation for licensing examinations. This edition includes more than 400 figures and illustrations to help clarify discussions, and numerous example problems are worked to illustrate computational procedures. Recognizing the proliferation of intelligent phones and the intention of Internet browsing ability in these phones and tablet devices, QR Codes have been introduced with this edition. These codes indicate that a video lesson on the material is available from the companion website for this book at and are accessible using a smart phone or other device with a QR code reader. The 65 videos provide complete, step-by- step solution walkthroughs of representative problems from the text and proper instrumentation procedures to use when in the field. These videos also provide additional assistance for students when working with equipment during home- work and field exercises or in preparing for an exam or quiz. Please note: Users must download a QR code reader to their smartphone or tablet. Data and roaming charges may also apply. 
    CHAPTER 1 Introduction
    CHAPTER 2 Units And significant figures
    CHAPTER 3 Theory of errors in observations
    CHAPTER 4 Leveling—theory and methods
    CHAPTER 5 Leveling—field Procedures And Computations
    CHAPTER 6 Distance Measurement
    CHAPTER 7 Angles, Azimuths, And bearings 
    CHAPTER 8 Total station instruments; angle observation