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Business Forecasting (Ebook)



Autor(es): John E. Hanke
ISBN: 9781292036182
Edición: 9
Copyright: 2014
Idioma: ENG
Serie: Administración y Economía
Dimensiones: 0/0/0 Peso: 1 grs
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    This text is concerned with methods used to predict the uncertain nature of businesstrends in an effort to help managers make better decisions and plans. Such efforts ofteninvolve the study of historical data and the manipulation of these data in the search forpatterns that can be effectively extrapolated to produce forecasts.In this text, we regularly remind readers that sound judgment must be used alongwith numerical results if good forecasting is to result. The examples and the cases at theend of the chapter emphasize this point. There are more discussions of the role of judgmentin this chapter

    1. Introduction to Forecasting
    2. Exploring Data Patterns and an Introduction to Forecasting Techniques
    3. Moving Averages and Smoothing Methods
    4. Time Series and Their Components
    5. Simple Linear Regression
    6. Multiple Regression Analysis
    7. Regression with Time Series Data
    8. The Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) Methodology
    9. Judgmental Forecasting and Forecast Adjustments
    10. Managing the Forecasting Process