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Big English 1 Workbook w/AUDIO CD



Autor(es): Mario Herrera / Christopher Sol Cruz
ISBN: 9780133044898
Edición: 1
Copyright: 2013
Idioma: ENG
Serie: primary
Dimensiones: 27.4/1.8/21.4 Peso: 0.28 grs
Más información:

    Something BIG is coming to Primary!
    It’s a BIG world out there and today’s young learners have BIG goals. Big English
    engages students with fun topics and activities that motivate them to learn English.
    Big English aims to make sure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.
    Balanced development of language skills and CLIL lessons are the core of this
    course, but it has so much more! Critical thinking about BIG ideas and Culture
    Connections challenge students to learn and think about the BIG wide world
    around them, helping them build 21st century skills. Assessment for Learning
    encourages self-effi cacy and develops learner confi dence to think BIG.
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